Product Description

Product Name

Full range of bearings

Product category

Tapered roller bearing

Product material

GCR15 bearing steel

Product advantage

Long life. High precision. Low noise. High wear resistance

Application program

Auto parts industry

Customer order protection

Warranty for 1 year

Minimum order quantity

1 piece


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Products Application


Single row tapered roller bearings are designed to accommodate a combination of radial and axial loads and provide low friction.
during operation. The inner ring with roller and cage can be installed separately from the outer ring. These detachable and
interchangeable parts are easy to install, remove and maintain. Rigid bearing applications can be achieved by mounting 1 single. row tapered roller bearing on the other and applying preload.

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Company Profile

ZheJiang Meichen Bearing Co., Ltd. Is a professional bearing manufacturer and engaged in imported bearings. Our company is engaged in imported bearings, domestic bearings professional company, the company’s main import brands: Sweden S K F bearings, Germany F A G imported bearings,Iimported bearings, Japan CZPT imported bearings, CZPT imported bearings, CZPT imported bearings, CZPT bearings from the United States.Domestic brands: HangZhou HRB bearing, HangZhou ZwZ bearing, HangZhou CZPT bearing China and other major well-known brands. Our products are widely used in automobile, electric power, petroleum, chemical machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, joint iron and steel, railway, textile machinery and agricultural machinery, and other fields, the company supply sufficient, rich inventory. Convenient transportation, welcome new customers to visit! These products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, construction machinery, railway, steel, paper, cement, mining and other industries. With sufficient supply of goods, large inventory and convenient transportation, we warmly welcome new customers to visit us.
1.Staff mission development, innovation, cooperation, integrity-based.
2.The company’s goal: 100 years of enterprise industry fresh air.
3.Staff goal: wealth and wisdom, history appears slight CZPT sensitivity
4.Aoging business philosophy: science and technology, quality, service, CZPT situation
5.Frontier technology of service spirit dissemination to create wealth together.
6.Staff spirit: innovation, cooperation, sincerity and persistence.
7.Development strategy: international enterprises enter the brand name.
8.Core concept: market concept, talent, learning concept.

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1. Where is our factory?
We are based in ZheJiang , China, We are an integrated enterprise of industry and trade start from 2008,sell to Domestic Market(40.00%),South America(10.00%),Eastern Europe(10.00%),North America(5.00%),Southeast Asia (5.00%), Africa(5.00%),Mid East(5.00%),Eastern Asia(5.00%) Central America(5.00%),Northern Europe(5.00%),South, Asia(5.00%). Our brand is DMC.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Before we mass-produce the goods. Provide the customer with a free sample list, sample confirmation is satisfied with the
customer, we according to the requirements of the customer mass production if the bearing goods received by the customer are not
satisfied, the product can be returned and replaced within a month.
3.What do you get from us?
We can provide all kinds of bearings OEM&ODM customiz
-ed service.
You will get an excellent supplier and excellent bearing price. We will help you revitalize your career and try our best to let
customers earn more money.


Q:What’s your after-sales service and warranty?
A: We promise to bear the following responsibilities when defective products were found:
1. Replacements would be sent with goods of your next order;
2. Refund for defective products if customers require.

Q:Do you accept ODM&OEM orders?
A: Yes, we provide ODM&OEM services to worldwide customers, we also customize OEM box and packing as your requirements.

Q:What’s the MOQ?
A: MOQ is 10pcs for standardized products; for customized products, MOQ should be negotiated in advance. There is no MOQ for sample orders.

Q:How long is the lead time?
A: The lead time for sample orders is 3-5 days, for bulk orders is 5-15 days.

Q:Do you offer free samples? 
A: Yes we offer free samples to distributors and wholesalers, however customers should bear freight. We DO NOT offer free samples to end users. 

Q:How to place order?
A: 1. Email us the model, brand and quantity,shipping way of bearings and we will quote our best price for you; 
2. Proforma Invoice made and sent to you as the price agreed by both parts; 
3. Deposit Payment after confirming the PI and we arrange production; 
4. Balance paid before shipment or after copy of Bill of Loading.

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Cage: Steel Cage and Nylon Cage
Brand: Djmc,OEM
Hardness: 59-62
US$ 0.5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Customized Request

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Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
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Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

tapered roller bearing

How do Tapered Roller Bearings Enhance the Performance of Gearboxes and Transmissions?

Tapered roller bearings play a crucial role in enhancing the performance, efficiency, and reliability of gearboxes and transmissions in various applications, including automotive, industrial machinery, and power generation. These bearings are specifically designed to handle radial and axial loads, making them ideal for supporting rotating shafts and gear assemblies. Here’s how tapered roller bearings contribute to the performance of gearboxes and transmissions:

  • Load Distribution:

Gearboxes and transmissions experience a combination of radial and axial loads due to gear meshing and torque transmission. Tapered roller bearings distribute these loads evenly across the rolling elements, minimizing stress concentrations and ensuring reliable operation.

  • Axial Load Handling:

As gears transmit torque, axial forces are generated. Tapered roller bearings are capable of handling both radial and axial loads, ensuring stable and controlled motion while accommodating the forces generated by gear engagement.

  • Reduced Friction and Wear:

Tapered roller bearings are designed with precision-matched rollers and raceways, reducing friction and wear. This results in smoother gear rotation, reduced heat generation, and extended component life.

  • Optimized Axial Preload:

In certain applications, axial preload can be applied to eliminate internal clearance and enhance gear meshing performance. Tapered roller bearings allow for controlled axial preload adjustment, ensuring proper gear engagement and reducing backlash.

  • Accurate Gear Alignment:

Tapered roller bearings aid in maintaining accurate gear alignment and positioning. This is critical for achieving smooth gear transitions, preventing misalignment-related wear, and reducing noise and vibration.

  • Efficient Power Transmission:

Efficient gear operation is crucial for transmitting power from the input to the output shaft. Tapered roller bearings minimize energy losses due to friction, allowing more power to be efficiently transmitted through the gearbox or transmission.

  • High-Speed Capability:

Tapered roller bearings are suitable for high-speed applications, making them suitable for gearboxes and transmissions where rapid gear shifts or changes in rotational speed are required.

  • Reduced Noise and Vibration:

The smooth operation of tapered roller bearings contributes to reduced noise and vibration in gearboxes and transmissions. This leads to a quieter and more comfortable user experience.

  • Long Service Life:

The robust design and high-quality materials used in tapered roller bearings enhance their durability and resistance to wear. This extends the service life of gearboxes and transmissions, reducing maintenance and replacement frequency.

  • Enhanced Gearbox Performance:

Tapered roller bearings optimize the performance of gearboxes and transmissions, contributing to smoother gear shifting, improved fuel efficiency, better power transmission, and overall enhanced drivetrain performance.

Overall, tapered roller bearings are essential components that enhance the efficiency, reliability, and performance of gearboxes and transmissions in a wide range of applications.

cylindrical roller bearing

Can you explain the maintenance and installation considerations for cylindrical roller bearings?

Maintenance and proper installation are crucial for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of cylindrical roller bearings. Let’s explore the key considerations for maintenance and installation:

  • Installation Considerations:

Proper installation of cylindrical roller bearings is essential to prevent premature failure and ensure reliable operation. Here are some important considerations:

  • Handling and Storage:

Handle the bearings with care to avoid dropping or impact that could damage the bearing components. Keep the bearings in their original packaging or store them in a clean, dry environment to protect them from contamination, moisture, and corrosive substances. Avoid exposing the bearings to excessive heat or temperature fluctuations during storage.

  • Cleanliness:

Before installation, ensure that the bearing housing, shaft, and adjacent components are clean and free from dirt, debris, or old lubricant residues. Contaminants can shorten the bearing’s lifespan and affect its performance. Use appropriate cleaning methods and solvents to achieve the necessary cleanliness.

  • Mounting Methods:

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended mounting methods and tools for installing cylindrical roller bearings. Improper mounting techniques can cause bearing misalignment, excessive preload, or damage to the bearing components. Consider using mounting equipment such as induction heaters or hydraulic mounting tools to facilitate proper and efficient installation.

  • Shaft and Housing Fits:

Ensure that the bearing’s shaft and housing fits are within the recommended tolerances specified by the manufacturer. Proper fits help maintain the desired clearance, preload, or interference fit necessary for the bearing’s optimal performance. Consult bearing catalogs or manufacturer guidelines for the appropriate fits based on the application requirements.

  • Lubrication:

Proper lubrication is critical for the performance and longevity of cylindrical roller bearings. Select the correct lubricant type, viscosity, and quantity based on the operating conditions and manufacturer recommendations. Apply the lubricant evenly and ensure it reaches all critical contact surfaces. Regularly monitor and replenish the lubricant according to the recommended maintenance intervals.

  • Maintenance Considerations:

Regular maintenance helps identify and address any issues or degradation that may arise during the bearing’s operation. Here are some key maintenance considerations for cylindrical roller bearings:

  • Monitoring:

Regularly inspect the bearings for any signs of abnormal noise, vibration, overheating, or lubricant leakage. Monitor the bearing’s operating conditions, including speed, temperature, and load to ensure they are within the recommended limits. Implement condition monitoring techniques such as vibration analysis or temperature measurement to detect early signs of potential problems.

  • Re-lubrication:

Monitor the lubricant condition and replenish it as necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended re-lubrication intervals and procedures. Consider using automatic lubrication systems or centralized lubrication systems to ensure consistent and proper lubrication.

  • Sealing and Contamination Control:

Inspect and maintain the seals or sealing arrangements to prevent the ingress of contaminants into the bearing. Regularly clean the surrounding area and implement effective contamination control measures, such as using protective covers or seals, to minimize the exposure of the bearing to dirt, dust, or moisture.

  • Replacement:

If a cylindrical roller bearing shows signs of significant wear, damage, or failure, replace it promptly with a new bearing of the correct size and specification. Follow the appropriate dismounting procedures and take precautions to avoid any damage to the shaft, housing, or adjacent components during the replacement process.

By adhering to proper installation techniques and implementing regular maintenance practices, the performance, reliability, and lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings can be optimized, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

cylindrical roller bearing

Can you explain the design and structure of cylindrical roller bearings?

Cylindrical roller bearings have a specific design and structure that enables them to handle high radial loads and moderate thrust loads. Let’s explore the key components and features of cylindrical roller bearings:

  • Inner and Outer Rings:

The inner and outer rings of cylindrical roller bearings are typically made of high-quality bearing steel. The inner ring is mounted on the rotating shaft, while the outer ring is usually mounted in a stationary housing. The rings are precision-machined with raceways that serve as the contact surfaces for the cylindrical rollers.

  • Cylindrical Rollers:

Cylindrical rollers are the main load-carrying components of the bearing. They are cylindrical in shape and have a high length-to-diameter ratio. The rollers are precision-ground to ensure close tolerances and uniform size distribution. The large contact area between the rollers and the raceways allows for efficient load distribution and reduced stresses.

  • Cage:

A cage, also known as a separator, is used to keep the cylindrical rollers evenly spaced and prevent them from coming into contact with each other. The cage is typically made of steel or other materials such as brass or polyamide (nylon). It provides guidance and retains the rollers in position during operation, ensuring smooth rolling motion and preventing roller skewing or jamming.

  • Flanges:

Cylindrical roller bearings may have flanges on the inner or outer rings or both. Flanges are raised edges or shoulders that provide axial guidance and help in locating the bearing in the axial direction. The presence of flanges can also improve the overall rigidity and axial load-carrying capacity of the bearing.

  • Internal Clearance:

The internal clearance of cylindrical roller bearings refers to the space between the rollers and raceways when there is no external load applied. It affects the bearing’s thermal expansion, running accuracy, and ability to accommodate misalignment or axial displacement. Different levels of internal clearance are available to suit specific application requirements.

  • Lubrication:

Cylindrical roller bearings require proper lubrication to minimize friction, reduce wear, and dissipate heat generated during operation. Lubrication helps to maintain the separation between the rolling elements and raceways, preventing metal-to-metal contact and minimizing the risk of premature failure. Common lubrication methods include grease lubrication and oil lubrication.

  • Sealing and Protection:

Cylindrical roller bearings can be equipped with various types of seals or shields to prevent the ingress of contaminants and retain lubrication. These seals and shields help to extend the bearing’s service life and maintain its performance by providing protection against moisture, dust, and other external factors that could cause damage or deterioration.

Overall, the design and structure of cylindrical roller bearings allow them to efficiently handle radial loads and moderate thrust loads. The combination of inner and outer rings, cylindrical rollers, cage, flanges, internal clearance, lubrication, and sealing work together to provide reliable and smooth rotational motion in machinery applications.

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