Product Description


Product Description

The Good Bearing Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearing Is Suitable For A Wide Range Of Applications, Including Machinery, Automotive, And Industrial Equipment. Its Versatility And Adaptability Make It An Excellent Choice For Various Industries, Ensuring That Your Specific Needs Are Met With Utmost Precision.

In Addition To Its Exceptional Performance, This Roller Bearing Is Also Designed For Easy Installation And Maintenance. Its User-Friendly Design Allows For Quick And Hassle-Free Assembly, Saving You Valuable Time And Resources. Furthermore, Its Durable Construction Ensures Minimal Wear And Tear, Reducing The Need For Frequent Replacements And Repairs.

Experience The Difference That The Good Bearing Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearing Can Make In Your Operations. Contact Us Today To Learn More About This Exceptional Product And How It Can Benefit Your Business.


Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing


The Bearing Of A Cylindrical Roller Bearing Is In Linear Contact With The Raceway. Therefore, The Load Capacity Is Large. According To The Flange Of Its Ring, It Can Be Divided Into Nu Type, Nj Type, Nup Type, N Type, Nf Type And Other Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings, And Nnu Type, Nn Type And Other Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings With Inner Rings Without Ribs, Whose Inner And Outer Rings Can Move Relative To Each Other In The Axial Direction, Are Often Used In Free-End Bearings Of Equipment. One Side Of The Inner Ring Or The Outer Ring Has A Double Gear, And The Other Side Has A Single Gear, Which Can Withstand A Certain Single-Direction Axial Load. Most Of Its Cages Are Made Of Steel Plate Stamping Or Copper Alloy Turning. A Few Use Polyamide Forming Cage


Cylindrical roller bearing has the characteristics of high load, low noise and high speed, and the friction between the rolling body and the rim of the ring is small, which is suitable for high-speed rotation.

The Nu And N Types Of Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings Can Not Bear Axial Load, And Should Be Used In Equipment Free Side Bearings. Nj Type, Nup Type, Nh Type And Nf Type Can Withstand A Certain Degree Of Axial Load, Can Be Used As Equipment Fixed Side Bearings


Product name Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Trademark (brand) ANLD
port HangZhou/HangZhou/ZheJiang /HangZhou/HangZhou
Services Provide OEM services.
payment method L/C or T/T or D/P or Paypal
Feature Long Life, High Speed, Low Noise,Small friction resistance, not easy to damage

 Cylindrical roller bearing features

1. Roller And Raceway For Line Contact Or Repair Line Contact, Radial Bearing Capacity Is Large, Suitable For Bearing Heavy Loads And Impact Loads.

2. Small Friction Coefficient, Suitable For High Speed, Limit Speed Close To Deep Groove Ball Bearings.

3. N Type And Nu Type Can Move Axially, Can Adapt To The Change Of The Relative Position Of The Shaft And The Housing Caused By Thermal Expansion Or Installation Error, And Can Be Used As A Free End Support.

4. The Processing Requirements For The Shaft Or Seat Hole Are Higher, And The Relative Deviation Of The Outer Ring Axis After The Bearing Installation Should Be Strictly Controlled To Avoid Contact Stress Concentration.

5. The Inner Ring Or Outer Ring Can Be Separated For Easy Installation And Disassembly
With Its Formal And Professional Tone, This Product Description Aims To Convey The Reliability And Professionalism Associated With Our Brand. We Understand The Importance Of Delivering High-Quality Products That Meet The Stringent Requirements Of Our B2b Customers. Our Commitment To CZPT Is Reflected In Every Aspect Of This Cylindrical Roller Bearing, From Its Design To Its Manufacturing Process.

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We Will Check All The Quality Before We Deliver The Goods To The Customer.



Packaging & Shipping

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Company Profile

HangZhou Chaokun Bearing Co., Ltd. Is A Research And Development Production And Sales In One Physical Factory.
Please Feel Free To Send Inquiries, We Will Have Professional Staff To Serve You.
The Main Products
• Deep Groove Ball Bearings
• Aligning Ball Bearings
• Cylindrical Roller Bearings
• Self-Aligning Roller Bearings
• Outer Spherical Bearings
• Angular Contact Bearings
• Thrust Ball Bearings
• Thrust Roller Bearings

Crafted With Precision And Expertise, This Cylindrical Roller Bearing Guarantees Smooth And Efficient Operation, Ensuring The Seamless Functioning Of Your Machinery. Its Advanced Design And Construction Allow For High Radial Load Capacity, Making It Suitable For Heavy-Duty Applications. Whether You Are In The Manufacturing, Construction, Or Automotive Industry, This Bearing Is Sure To Meet Your Requirements.


Our Advantages

At Our Company, We Take Pride In Offering High-Quality Products At Wholesale Prices. Our Commitment To CZPT And Customer Satisfaction Is Reflected In The Quality Of Our Products And The Level Of Service We Provide. With Our Extensive Industry Expertise And Marketing Know-How, We Are Confident That Our Products Will Meet And Exceed Your Expectations.

Our advantage
1. OEM or Non-Stand Bearings: Any requirement for Nonstandard bearings is Easily Fulfilled by us due to its vast knowledge.
2. Genuine products With Excellent Quality: The company has always proved the 100% quality products it provides with genuine intent.
3. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance as per the
    customer’s requirements and needs.
4. Quick Delivery: The company provides just-in-time delivery with its streamlined supply chain. 

In Conclusion, If You Are Looking For A Reliable And High-Quality Cylindrical Roller Bearing For Your Large Equipment Machines, Look Large Equipment Machine Cylindrical Roller Bearing. With Its Exceptional Durability, Smooth Operation, And Wholesale Price, It Is The Perfect Choice For Your Industrial Needs.

The Difference It Can Make In Your Operations. With Its Exceptional Quality, Competitive Pricing, And Reliable Performance, This Bearing Is The Perfect Choice For Your Industrial Needs. Trust In Our Company’S Expertise And Let Us Provide You With The Best Solutions For Your Bearing Requirements


OEM policy

1. We can print your brand (logo, artwork) on the shield or laser engraving your brand on the shield.

2. We can customize your packaging according to your design

3. All copyright belongs to the customer, we promise not to disclose any information.
What Is The Minimum Order?

•Depending on the model, you can send me information for your calculati.

Are You Factory Or Trade Compay?
We Are Manufacturer/Factory & Trading Company,we have been engaged in bearing development and manufacturing industry for more than years.
How Long Is The Delivery Time?
It Depends On The Model And Quantity, Usually Within 15 Days.


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Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Single
Material: Bearing Steel
Load Direction: Radial Bearing
Separated: Separated
Service: OEM ODM
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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tapered roller bearing

How do Tapered Roller Bearings Enhance the Performance of Gearboxes and Transmissions?

Tapered roller bearings play a crucial role in enhancing the performance, efficiency, and reliability of gearboxes and transmissions in various applications, including automotive, industrial machinery, and power generation. These bearings are specifically designed to handle radial and axial loads, making them ideal for supporting rotating shafts and gear assemblies. Here’s how tapered roller bearings contribute to the performance of gearboxes and transmissions:

  • Load Distribution:

Gearboxes and transmissions experience a combination of radial and axial loads due to gear meshing and torque transmission. Tapered roller bearings distribute these loads evenly across the rolling elements, minimizing stress concentrations and ensuring reliable operation.

  • Axial Load Handling:

As gears transmit torque, axial forces are generated. Tapered roller bearings are capable of handling both radial and axial loads, ensuring stable and controlled motion while accommodating the forces generated by gear engagement.

  • Reduced Friction and Wear:

Tapered roller bearings are designed with precision-matched rollers and raceways, reducing friction and wear. This results in smoother gear rotation, reduced heat generation, and extended component life.

  • Optimized Axial Preload:

In certain applications, axial preload can be applied to eliminate internal clearance and enhance gear meshing performance. Tapered roller bearings allow for controlled axial preload adjustment, ensuring proper gear engagement and reducing backlash.

  • Accurate Gear Alignment:

Tapered roller bearings aid in maintaining accurate gear alignment and positioning. This is critical for achieving smooth gear transitions, preventing misalignment-related wear, and reducing noise and vibration.

  • Efficient Power Transmission:

Efficient gear operation is crucial for transmitting power from the input to the output shaft. Tapered roller bearings minimize energy losses due to friction, allowing more power to be efficiently transmitted through the gearbox or transmission.

  • High-Speed Capability:

Tapered roller bearings are suitable for high-speed applications, making them suitable for gearboxes and transmissions where rapid gear shifts or changes in rotational speed are required.

  • Reduced Noise and Vibration:

The smooth operation of tapered roller bearings contributes to reduced noise and vibration in gearboxes and transmissions. This leads to a quieter and more comfortable user experience.

  • Long Service Life:

The robust design and high-quality materials used in tapered roller bearings enhance their durability and resistance to wear. This extends the service life of gearboxes and transmissions, reducing maintenance and replacement frequency.

  • Enhanced Gearbox Performance:

Tapered roller bearings optimize the performance of gearboxes and transmissions, contributing to smoother gear shifting, improved fuel efficiency, better power transmission, and overall enhanced drivetrain performance.

Overall, tapered roller bearings are essential components that enhance the efficiency, reliability, and performance of gearboxes and transmissions in a wide range of applications.

cylindrical roller bearing

What is the impact of proper lubrication on the performance and lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings?

Proper lubrication plays a crucial role in the performance and lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings. Lubrication is essential for reducing friction, minimizing wear, dissipating heat, and preventing corrosion. Let’s explore the impact of proper lubrication in more detail:

  • Friction Reduction:

Proper lubrication forms a thin film of lubricant between the rolling elements and raceways of cylindrical roller bearings. This lubricant film separates the surfaces and reduces direct metal-to-metal contact. As a result, friction and sliding resistance are significantly reduced. The reduction in friction helps to minimize energy loss, improve efficiency, and reduce wear on the bearing components.

  • Wear Prevention:

Lubrication creates a protective barrier between the rolling elements and raceways, preventing excessive wear. The lubricant film prevents metal-to-metal contact and acts as a cushion, absorbing shock and distributing the load evenly. By reducing wear, proper lubrication helps to prolong the lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period.

  • Heat Dissipation:

During operation, cylindrical roller bearings generate heat due to friction. Proper lubrication helps dissipate this heat by carrying it away from the bearing surfaces. The lubricant absorbs and transfers the heat, preventing excessive temperature buildup that could lead to premature failure. Effective heat dissipation through proper lubrication helps maintain the bearing’s operational stability and prevents thermal damage.

  • Prevention of Corrosion:

Lubrication acts as a protective layer, preventing the direct contact of moisture or contaminants with the bearing surfaces. This barrier helps to inhibit corrosion and the formation of rust on the bearing components. By keeping the surfaces clean and protected, proper lubrication aids in maintaining the integrity and longevity of cylindrical roller bearings, especially in challenging environments.

  • Noise Reduction:

Proper lubrication contributes to reducing noise and vibration in cylindrical roller bearings. The lubricant film acts as a cushion, damping the vibrations and reducing the generation of noise during operation. This is particularly important in applications where noise reduction is critical, such as precision machinery or equipment operating in quiet environments.

  • Contamination Control:

Proper lubrication helps in controlling and minimizing the ingress of contaminants into cylindrical roller bearings. The lubricant forms a barrier that helps prevent the entry of dirt, dust, and other particles that could lead to premature wear or damage. By maintaining cleanliness, proper lubrication enhances the overall performance and reliability of the bearing.

In summary, proper lubrication is essential for optimizing the performance and extending the lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings. It reduces friction, minimizes wear, dissipates heat, prevents corrosion, reduces noise, and controls contamination. Bearing manufacturers and operators must follow recommended lubrication practices, including selecting the appropriate lubricant type and viscosity, ensuring proper lubricant replenishment, and adhering to scheduled maintenance intervals, to maximize the benefits of lubrication and ensure the long-term reliability of cylindrical roller bearings.

cylindrical roller bearing

How do cylindrical roller bearings contribute to reduced friction and heat generation?

Cylindrical roller bearings play a crucial role in reducing friction and minimizing heat generation in various applications. Let’s explore how these bearings contribute to these important factors:

  • Rolling Motion:

Cylindrical roller bearings facilitate rolling motion between the inner and outer rings, as well as the cylindrical rollers. This rolling motion significantly reduces friction compared to sliding or rubbing contact. Instead of sliding against each other, the rolling elements roll smoothly over the raceways, resulting in lower frictional forces. The reduced friction helps to minimize energy loss and heat generation within the bearing.

  • Precision Manufacturing:

Cylindrical roller bearings are precision-engineered components manufactured to tight tolerances. The surfaces of the rollers and raceways are carefully finished to ensure smooth and precise contact. The high precision in the bearing’s construction minimizes irregularities and imperfections that could cause increased friction and heat generation. By maintaining close tolerances, cylindrical roller bearings optimize performance and reduce frictional losses.

  • Lubrication:

Proper lubrication is essential for reducing friction and heat in cylindrical roller bearings. Lubricants create a thin film between the rolling elements and raceways, separating them and minimizing direct metal-to-metal contact. This lubricant film acts as a protective barrier, reducing friction and dissipating heat generated during operation. Adequate lubrication also helps to prevent wear, corrosion, and premature failure of the bearing.

  • Cage Design:

Cylindrical roller bearings often incorporate a cage or separator that spaces and guides the rollers. The cage retains the individual rollers in their proper positions, preventing them from contacting and rubbing against each other. This design feature not only maintains the integrity of the rolling elements but also reduces friction and heat generation by minimizing contact between adjacent rollers. The cage also helps to maintain proper lubricant distribution throughout the bearing.

  • Efficient Load Distribution:

Cylindrical roller bearings have a line contact between the rollers and raceways, which enables efficient load distribution. The cylindrical shape of the rollers allows them to bear loads along their length, spreading the load over a larger surface area compared to other bearing types. This even distribution of the load reduces localized stresses and friction at specific contact points, resulting in reduced heat generation.

  • Heat Dissipation:

Cylindrical roller bearings are typically designed with features that facilitate heat dissipation. They may incorporate special heat-treated components, such as rings and rollers, that have enhanced heat resistance properties. Additionally, the bearing design may include features such as grooves, holes, or special surface coatings to improve heat dissipation and prevent the buildup of excessive temperatures within the bearing assembly.

By minimizing friction and heat generation, cylindrical roller bearings contribute to improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and extended bearing life. These factors are crucial in various applications where the performance, reliability, and longevity of rotating machinery are critical considerations.

China Professional Good Bearing Capacity Nj206 Nu206 Nup206 N206 Cylindrical Roller Bearing   bearing bronzeChina Professional Good Bearing Capacity Nj206 Nu206 Nup206 N206 Cylindrical Roller Bearing   bearing bronze
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