Product Description

Product Name

NJ1009EM NJ1571EM NJ1011EM NJ1012EM

Product category

Cyindrical Roller Bearing

Product material

GCR15 bearing steel

Product advantage

High speed low noise stable operation of High temperature resistance

Application program

Large and medium-sized motors, rolling stock, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines,
reduction boxes, rolling mills, shakers and lifting and transportation machinery

Customer order protection

Warranty for 1 year

Minimum order quantity

1 piece

No.   Type   BD OD Width Weight
N NF NJ NUP (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
NU204E N204E NF204E NJ204E NUP204E 20 47 14 0.117
NU2204E N2204E NF2204E NJ2204E NUP2204E 20 47 18 0.149
NU2304E N2304E NF2304E NJ2304E NUP2304E 20 52 21 0.216
NU205E N205E NF205E NJ205E NUP205E 25 52 15 0.14
NU2205E N2205E NF2205E NJ2205E NUP2205E 25 52 18 0.168
NU2305E N2305E NF2305E NJ2305E NUP2305E 25 62 24 0.355
NU206E N206E NF206E NJ206E NUP206E 30 62 16 0.214
NU2206E N2206E NF2206E NJ2206E NUP2206E 30 62 20 0.268
NU2306E N2306E NF2306E NJ2306E NUP2306E 30 72 27 0.538
NU207E N207E NF207E NJ207E NUP207E 35 72 17 0.311
NU2207E N2207E NF2207E NJ2207E NUP2207E 35 72 23 0.414
NU2307E N2307E NF2307E NJ2307E NUP2307E 35 80 31 0.738
NU208E N208E NF208E NJ208E NUP208E 40 80 18 0.394
NU2208E N2208E NF2208E NJ2208E NUP2208E 40 80 23 0.507
NU2308E N2308E NF2308E NJ2308E NUP2308E 40 90 33 0.974
NU209E N209E NF209E NJ209E NUP209E 45 85 19 0.45
NU2209E N2209E NF2209E NJ2209E NUP2209E 45 85 23 0.55
NU2309E N2309E NF2309E NJ2309E NUP2309E 45 100 36 1.34
NU210E N210E NF210E NJ210E NUP210E 50 90 20 0.505
NU2210E N2210E NF2210E NJ2210E NUP2210E 50 90 23 0.59
NU2310E N2310E NF2310E NJ2310E NUP2310E 50 110 40 1.79
NU211E N211E NF211E NJ211E NUP211E 55 100 21 0.68
NU2311E N2311E NF2311E NJ2311E NUP2311E 55 120 43 2.28
NU212E N212E NF212E NJ212E NUP212E 60 110 22 0.86
NU2212E N2212E NF2212E NJ2212E NUP2212E 60 110 28 1.12
NU2312E N2312E NF2312E NJ2312E NUP2312E 60 130 46 2.81
NU213E N213E NF213E NJ213E NUP213E 65 120 23 1.08
NU2213E N2213E NF2213E NJ2213E NUP2213E 65 120 31 1.48
NU2313E N2313E NF2313E NJ2313E NUP2313E 65 140 48 3.34
NU214E N214E NF214E NJ214E NUP214E 70 125 24 1.2
NU2214E N2214E NF2214E NJ2214E NUP2214E 70 125 31 1.56
NU2314E N2314E NF2314E NJ2314E NUP2314E 70 150 51 4.1
NU215E N215E NF215E NJ215E NUP215E 75 130 25 1.32
NU2215E N2215E NF2215E NJ2215E NUP2215E 75 130 31 1.64
NU2315 N2315 NF2315 NJ2315 NUP2315 75 160 55 5.4
NU216E N216E NF216E NJ216E NUP216E 80 140 26 1.58
NU2216E N2216E NF2216E NJ2216E NUP2216E 80 140 33 2.05
NU2316 N2316 NF2316 NJ2316 NUP2316 80 170 58 6.4
NU217E N217E NF217E NJ217E NUP217E 85 150 28 2
NU2217E N2217E NF2217E NJ2217E NUP2217E 85 150 36 2.58
NU2317 N2317 NF2317 NJ2317 NUP2317 85 180 60 7.4
NU218E N218E NF218E NJ218E NUP218E 90 160 30 2.44
NU2218E N2218E NF2218E NJ2218E NUP2218E 90 160 40 3.26
NU2318 N2318 NF2318 NJ2318 NUP2318 90 190 64 8.4
NU219E N219E NF219E NJ219E NUP219E 95 170 32 2.96
NU2219E N2219E NF2219E NJ2219E NUP2219E 95 170 43 3.97
NU2319 N2319 NF2319 NJ2319 NUP2319 95 200 67 10.4
NU220E N220E NF220E NJ220E NUP220E 100 180 34 3.58
NU2220E N2220E NF2220E NJ2220E NUP2220E 100 180 46 4.86
NU2320 N2320 NF2320 NJ2320 NUP2320 100 215 73 13.5
NU221 N221 NF221 NJ221 NUP221 105 190 36 4
NU222E N222E NF222E NJ222E NUP222E 110 200 38 5.02
NU2222 N2222 NF2222 NJ2222 NUP2222 110 200 53 7.5
NU2322 N2322 NF2322 NJ2322 NUP2322 110 240 80 17.5
NU224E N224E NF224E NJ224E NUP224E 120 215 40 6.11
NU2224 N2224 NF2224 NJ2224 NUP2224 120 215 58 9.5
NU2324 N2324 NF2324 NJ2324 NUP2324 120 260 86 22.5
NU226 N226 NF226 NJ226 NUP226 130 230 40 7
NU2226 N2226 NF2226 NJ2226 NUP2226 130 230 64 11.5
NU2326 N2326 NF2326 NJ2326 NUP2326 130 280 93 28.5
NU228 N228 NF228 NJ228 NUP228 140 250 42 9.1
NU2228 N2228 NF2228 NJ2228 NUP2228 140 250 68 15
NU2328 N2328 NF2328 NJ2328 NUP2328 140 300 102 37
NU230 N230 NF230 NJ230 NUP230 150 270 45 11
NU2230 N2230 NF2230 NJ2230 NUP2230 150 270 73 17
NU2330 N2330 NF2330 NJ2330 NUP2330 150 320 108 45
NU232 N232 NF232 NJ232 NUP232 160 290 48 14
NU2232 N2232 NF2232 NJ2232 NUP2232 160 290 80 25
NU2332 N2332 NF2332 NJ2332 NUP2332 160 340 114 55.8
NU234 N234 NF234 NJ234 NUP234 170 310 52 17.1
NU2334 N2334 NF2334 NJ2334 NUP2334 170 360 120 63
NU238 N238 NF238 NJ238 NUP238 190 340 55 23
NU203M N203M NF203M NJ203M NUP203M 17 40 12 0.08
NU204M N204M NF204M NJ204M NUP204M 20 47 14 0.133
NU205M N205M NF205M NJ205M NUP205M 25 52 15 0.155
NU206M N206M NF206M NJ206M NUP206M 30 62 16 0.24
NU207M N207M NF207M NJ207M NUP207M 35 72 17 0.344
NU208M N208M NF208M NJ208M NUP208M 40 80 18 0.439
NU209M N209M NF209M NJ209M NUP209M 45 85 19 0.523
NU210M N210M NF210M NJ210M NUP210M 50 90 20 0.578
NU211M N211M NF211M NJ211M NUP211M 55 100 21 0.691
NU212M N212M NF212M NJ212M NUP212M 60 110 22 0.95
NU213M N213M NF213M NJ213M NUP213M 65 120 23 1.16
NU214M N214M NF214M NJ214M NUP214M 70 125 24 1.34
NU215M N215M NF215M NJ215M NUP215M 75 130 25 1.4
NU216M N216M NF216M NJ216M NUP216M 80 140 26 1.76
NU217M N217M NF217M NJ217M NUP217M 85 150 28 2
NU222M N222M NF222M NJ222M NUP222M 110 200 38 5.11
NU224M N224M NF224M NJ224M NUP224M 120 215 40 6.47
NU226M N226M NF226M NJ226M NUP226M 130 230 40 7.34
NU226E N226E NF226E NJ226E NUP226E 130 230 40 7.26
NU228M N228M NF228M NJ228M NUP228M 140 250 42 9.1
NU230M N230M NF230M NJ230M NUP230M 150 270 45 11.7
NU230E N230E NF230E NJ230E NUP230E 150 270 45 11.2
NU232M N232M NF232M NJ232M NUP232M 160 290 48 14.2
NU234M N234M NF234M NJ234M NUP234M 170 310 52 18
NU236M N236M NF236M NJ236M NUP236M 180 320 52 19.6
NU238M N238M NF238M NJ238M NUP238M 190 340 55 22.6
NU244M N244M NF244M NJ244M NUP244M 220 400 65 38.9
NU248M N248M NF248M NJ248M NUP248M 240 440 72 48.2
NU252M N252M NF252M NJ252M NUP252M 260 480 80 70.3
NU260M N260M NF260M NJ260M NUP260M 300 540 85 87.2
NU2206M N2206M NF2206M NJ2206M NUP2206M 30 62 20 0.26
NU2207M N2207M NF2207M NJ2207M NUP2207M 35 72 23 0.4
NU2208M N2208M NF2208M NJ2208M NUP2208M 40 80 23 0.53
NU2209M N2209M NF2209M NJ2209M NUP2209M 45 85 23 0.54
NU2210M N2210M NF2210M NJ2210M NUP2210M 50 90 23 0.589
NU2211M N2211M NF2211M NJ2211M NUP2211M 55 100 25 0.773
NU2212M N2212M NF2212M NJ2212M NUP2212M 60 110 28 0.773
NU2218M N2218M NF2218M NJ2218M NUP2218M 90 160 40 3.68

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1. Where is our factory? We are based in ZheJiang , China, We are an integrated enterprise of industry and trade start from 2008,sell to Domestic Market(40.00%),South America(10.00%),Eastern Europe(10.00%),North America(5.00%),Southeast Asia (5.00%), Africa(5.00%),Mid East(5.00%),Eastern Asia(5.00%) Central America(5.00%),Northern Europe(5.00%),South, Asia(5.00%). Our brand is DMC.2. How can we guarantee quality?
Before we mass-produce the goods. Provide the customer with a free sample list, sample confirmation is satisfied with the
customer, we according to the requirements of the customer mass production if the bearing goods received by the customer are not
satisfied, the product can be returned and replaced within a month.
3.What do you get from us?
We can provide all kinds of bearings OEM&ODM customiz
-ed service.
You will get an excellent supplier and excellent bearing price. We will help you revitalize your career and try our best to let

customers earn more money.

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Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Single
Outer Dimension: Small (28-55mm)
US$ 2.07/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

tapered roller bearing

What are the Steps for Proper Installation and Alignment of Tapered Roller Bearings?

Proper installation and alignment of tapered roller bearings are essential to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity. Incorrect installation can lead to premature wear, reduced efficiency, and even catastrophic failure. Here are the steps to follow for the correct installation and alignment of tapered roller bearings:

  • 1. Clean and Prepare the Components:

Thoroughly clean the bearing components, including the bearing housing, shaft, and associated parts. Remove any dirt, debris, or old lubricant that could impact the bearing’s operation.

  • 2. Choose the Correct Tools:

Use appropriate tools and equipment for the installation, such as bearing heaters for controlled heating and proper fit. Avoid using excessive force or striking the bearing directly, as this can damage the components.

  • 3. Inspect the Bearings:

Before installation, visually inspect the tapered roller bearings for any signs of damage or defects. Ensure that the rollers and raceways are clean and free from contaminants.

  • 4. Apply Lubrication:

Apply the recommended lubricant to the rollers, raceways, and other bearing components. Proper lubrication is crucial for reducing friction, dissipating heat, and preventing premature wear.

  • 5. Mount the Bearings:

Mount the bearings onto the shaft or into the housing using appropriate methods. Avoid applying excessive force directly to the bearing components, as this can lead to damage. Utilize specialized tools like bearing pullers and press tools if necessary.

  • 6. Ensure Proper Alignment:

Proper alignment is critical to prevent excessive loads, misalignment, and premature wear. Use precision measurement tools to ensure the bearing is aligned with the shaft and housing within specified tolerances.

  • 7. Apply Controlled Heat:

If necessary, apply controlled heat to the bearing components to aid in expansion and facilitate proper fit. Ensure that the heat is applied uniformly to avoid distortion or damage.

  • 8. Use Adequate Preload:

If specified for your application, apply the appropriate axial preload to eliminate internal clearance and optimize load distribution among the rollers.

  • 9. Secure Bearings:

Secure the bearings in place using locking mechanisms, such as locknuts, to prevent unintended movement and ensure proper retention.

  • 10. Verify Fit and Function:

After installation, verify that the bearings are properly seated, aligned, and functioning as intended. Rotate the shaft to ensure smooth operation and absence of unusual noise or vibration.

  • 11. Document the Installation:

Keep a record of the installation process, including alignment measurements, preload values, and any relevant notes. This documentation can aid in future maintenance and troubleshooting.

Proper installation and alignment are essential to achieving optimal performance and longevity from tapered roller bearings. Following these steps ensures that the bearings operate smoothly and reliably within their intended applications.

cylindrical roller bearing

What is the impact of proper lubrication on the performance and lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings?

Proper lubrication plays a crucial role in the performance and lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings. Lubrication is essential for reducing friction, minimizing wear, dissipating heat, and preventing corrosion. Let’s explore the impact of proper lubrication in more detail:

  • Friction Reduction:

Proper lubrication forms a thin film of lubricant between the rolling elements and raceways of cylindrical roller bearings. This lubricant film separates the surfaces and reduces direct metal-to-metal contact. As a result, friction and sliding resistance are significantly reduced. The reduction in friction helps to minimize energy loss, improve efficiency, and reduce wear on the bearing components.

  • Wear Prevention:

Lubrication creates a protective barrier between the rolling elements and raceways, preventing excessive wear. The lubricant film prevents metal-to-metal contact and acts as a cushion, absorbing shock and distributing the load evenly. By reducing wear, proper lubrication helps to prolong the lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period.

  • Heat Dissipation:

During operation, cylindrical roller bearings generate heat due to friction. Proper lubrication helps dissipate this heat by carrying it away from the bearing surfaces. The lubricant absorbs and transfers the heat, preventing excessive temperature buildup that could lead to premature failure. Effective heat dissipation through proper lubrication helps maintain the bearing’s operational stability and prevents thermal damage.

  • Prevention of Corrosion:

Lubrication acts as a protective layer, preventing the direct contact of moisture or contaminants with the bearing surfaces. This barrier helps to inhibit corrosion and the formation of rust on the bearing components. By keeping the surfaces clean and protected, proper lubrication aids in maintaining the integrity and longevity of cylindrical roller bearings, especially in challenging environments.

  • Noise Reduction:

Proper lubrication contributes to reducing noise and vibration in cylindrical roller bearings. The lubricant film acts as a cushion, damping the vibrations and reducing the generation of noise during operation. This is particularly important in applications where noise reduction is critical, such as precision machinery or equipment operating in quiet environments.

  • Contamination Control:

Proper lubrication helps in controlling and minimizing the ingress of contaminants into cylindrical roller bearings. The lubricant forms a barrier that helps prevent the entry of dirt, dust, and other particles that could lead to premature wear or damage. By maintaining cleanliness, proper lubrication enhances the overall performance and reliability of the bearing.

In summary, proper lubrication is essential for optimizing the performance and extending the lifespan of cylindrical roller bearings. It reduces friction, minimizes wear, dissipates heat, prevents corrosion, reduces noise, and controls contamination. Bearing manufacturers and operators must follow recommended lubrication practices, including selecting the appropriate lubricant type and viscosity, ensuring proper lubricant replenishment, and adhering to scheduled maintenance intervals, to maximize the benefits of lubrication and ensure the long-term reliability of cylindrical roller bearings.

cylindrical roller bearing

How do cylindrical roller bearings contribute to reduced friction and heat generation?

Cylindrical roller bearings play a crucial role in reducing friction and minimizing heat generation in various applications. Let’s explore how these bearings contribute to these important factors:

  • Rolling Motion:

Cylindrical roller bearings facilitate rolling motion between the inner and outer rings, as well as the cylindrical rollers. This rolling motion significantly reduces friction compared to sliding or rubbing contact. Instead of sliding against each other, the rolling elements roll smoothly over the raceways, resulting in lower frictional forces. The reduced friction helps to minimize energy loss and heat generation within the bearing.

  • Precision Manufacturing:

Cylindrical roller bearings are precision-engineered components manufactured to tight tolerances. The surfaces of the rollers and raceways are carefully finished to ensure smooth and precise contact. The high precision in the bearing’s construction minimizes irregularities and imperfections that could cause increased friction and heat generation. By maintaining close tolerances, cylindrical roller bearings optimize performance and reduce frictional losses.

  • Lubrication:

Proper lubrication is essential for reducing friction and heat in cylindrical roller bearings. Lubricants create a thin film between the rolling elements and raceways, separating them and minimizing direct metal-to-metal contact. This lubricant film acts as a protective barrier, reducing friction and dissipating heat generated during operation. Adequate lubrication also helps to prevent wear, corrosion, and premature failure of the bearing.

  • Cage Design:

Cylindrical roller bearings often incorporate a cage or separator that spaces and guides the rollers. The cage retains the individual rollers in their proper positions, preventing them from contacting and rubbing against each other. This design feature not only maintains the integrity of the rolling elements but also reduces friction and heat generation by minimizing contact between adjacent rollers. The cage also helps to maintain proper lubricant distribution throughout the bearing.

  • Efficient Load Distribution:

Cylindrical roller bearings have a line contact between the rollers and raceways, which enables efficient load distribution. The cylindrical shape of the rollers allows them to bear loads along their length, spreading the load over a larger surface area compared to other bearing types. This even distribution of the load reduces localized stresses and friction at specific contact points, resulting in reduced heat generation.

  • Heat Dissipation:

Cylindrical roller bearings are typically designed with features that facilitate heat dissipation. They may incorporate special heat-treated components, such as rings and rollers, that have enhanced heat resistance properties. Additionally, the bearing design may include features such as grooves, holes, or special surface coatings to improve heat dissipation and prevent the buildup of excessive temperatures within the bearing assembly.

By minimizing friction and heat generation, cylindrical roller bearings contribute to improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and extended bearing life. These factors are crucial in various applications where the performance, reliability, and longevity of rotating machinery are critical considerations.

China supplier Cylindrical Roller Bearing Nj1009em Nj1010em Nj1011em Nj1012em for Handling Mechanical Roller Bearings   bearing bronzeChina supplier Cylindrical Roller Bearing Nj1009em Nj1010em Nj1011em Nj1012em for Handling Mechanical Roller Bearings   bearing bronze
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