Product Description

FSKG Brand M6CT2262 Tandem Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 22*62*132 mm

Bearing Specification :

Model Number M6CT2262
Bearing Name Tandem Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Brand FSK / KBE / SKB / OEM
Material Gcr15 Chrome Steel
Application Extruder Gearboxes/Drilling Platform/ Injection Molding Machine
Number of Row Six Rows
Cage Brass Cage/Iron Cage
Dimensions(mm)(d*D*b) 22*62*132 mm
Weight / Mass ( KG ) 2.1 KG
HS Code  84828 12 mm 90 mm 210 mm 7.3 KG
M6CT1872X2 18 mm 72 mm 172 mm 3.3 KG
M6CT1872 18 mm 72 mm 172 mm 3.51 KG
M6CT2262 22 mm 62 mm 132 mm 2.1 KG
M6CT2264E 22 mm 64 mm 153 mm 2.23 KG
M6CT2264 22 mm 64 mm 153 mm 2.55 KG
M6CT2390 23 mm 90 mm 209.75 mm 7.75 KG
M6CT2552 25 mm 52 mm 124 mm 1.36 KG
M6CT25105 25 mm 105 mm 234 mm 11.9 KG
TAF-011571 28 mm 70 mm 140 mm 2.7 KG
M6CT2872 28 mm 72 mm 150 mm 3.2 KG
M6CT3073 30 mm 73 mm 182 mm 3.72 KG
TMF-030127-201 30 mm 127 mm 282 mm 19.9 KG
M6CT30127 30 mm 127 mm 288 mm 21.7 KG
M6CT3278 32 mm 78 mm 163.5 mm 3.88 KG
M6CT3495 34 mm 95 mm 196 mm 7.28 KG
M6CT38160 38 mm 160 mm 360 mm 40.8 KG
TAF-017063 43.18 mm 158.75 mm 278.76 mm 32.6 KG
TAF-019060 48.11 mm 153.62 mm 234.95 mm 23.5 KG
M6CT85290 85 mm 290 mm 580 mm 80 KG

N.O.V CZPT Rig parts and models:
Coiled tubing car CZPT RIG-generator
Coiled tubing car CZPT RIG-on-stage fan clutch
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR440B-injection head chain bearing-CA310017
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR440B-injection head roller shaft-CA310017
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR440B-injection head clamping block-roller block seat-CA310017
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR440B-Injection head-97MMG-195 (63) 715US-Factory serial number JOB2319
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR440B-O-ring retaining ring-HSB00013
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR440B-O-ring-HS000148
Coiled Tubing Truck CZPT RIG-HR440B-Oil Seal-TXS00571
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-NTC400
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-NTC400
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR635-injection head 1-1 / 4 inch clamping block (slip) -CD31571
Coiled tubing car CZPT RIG-HR635-injection head 1-1 / 4 inch clamping block (snap spring)
Coiled Tubular Vehicle CZPT RIG-HR635-Injection Head 1-1 / 4 inch Clamping Block Buffer- (Card Dig: CD31571)
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR635 injection head-card digging-CD31571
Coiled tubing car CZPT RIG-HR635 injection head -1-1 / 4 inch blowout prevention box rubber-8412-7041
Coiled tubing truck CZPT RIG-HR63 clamping block-CD31571
Coiled Tubing Car CZPT RIG-HR63 Coiled Tubing Chain Bearing-CD310366
Coiled Tubing Car CZPT RIG-HR63 Coiled Tubing Chain Bearing Spring-BSR00039
Coiled Tubing CZPT RIG-HR63 Coiled Tubing Clamping Block Buffer-CC310387
Coiled tubing car CZPT RIG-HR63 coiled tubing clamp block cushion-CB310192
Roller bearing P / N: CA314196

Other Bearings We Offer:

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Our Advantage:

About FSK Factory Condition :

1.How can I get the bearing price?
Mike: You can leave your message on Alibaba, or conact us directly by email, , SkYPE, Viber. Tell us your quantity, usually 2-5 hours you will get the price.
2.How can I buy them?
Mike: You can place order on Alibaba, or pay the payment by Western Union, Paypal, T/T and L/C.
3. How long I can get these bearings?
Mike: for small order, we will delivery the bearings in 1-2 days after recive your payment. usually 3-5 days will arrive in your place by international express, such as DHL, TNT, UPS and so on. For big order, please contact us.
4.How to protect the bearing quality?
Mike: All procudts passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000 certificates. we can accept small sample order, you can check the quality.
5. Other service.
Mike: We can offer OEM service according to your demand.
FSK Bearing Company Advantages:
(1) We have first-class testing equipment to detect bearing various data parameters and control the quality of the bearing.
Whenever bearings must first detected whether the quality is qualified and the unqualified bearing will be eliminated directly.
So we can get the trust of a large number of customers, and supply them for several years.
(2) We have our own R & D capabilities, to help customers solve the problem of non-standard bearings.
We can also according to customer requirements change their own mark.
(3) Price, our manufacture ensure that our prices across China are quite competitive.
It is better for you to compare prices and quality among suppliers.
But everyone knows you can not buy the highest quality products with the lowest price,
but our product is the best quality if you use equal price.
FSK Cooperation Details
For Small weight or ungent ,we send by express UPS,DHL,FEDEX, or EMS,china post with Thracking number
For max production , we will ship by sea/air.
Payment Item:
TT, 30% deposit , 70% before shippment.
L/C At Sight
Paypal Or Western Union In advance
Trade Assurance
Payment Protection
Timely Delivery Guaranteed
Product Qualtity Protection

FSKG Brand M6CT2262 Tandem Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 22*62*132 mm , Get Cheap Price from China Bearing Factory Now !

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Rolling Body: Roller Bearings
The Number of Rows: Multi-column
Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm)
Material: Bearing Steel
Spherical: Non-Aligning Bearings
Load Direction: Axial Bearing
US$ 0.5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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tapered roller bearing

Advancements in Tapered Roller Bearing Technology

Tapered roller bearing technology has undergone significant advancements over the years, driven by the demands of modern industrial applications and the pursuit of enhanced performance, efficiency, and durability. These advancements have led to innovations in design, materials, manufacturing processes, and lubrication. Here are some key insights into the advancements in tapered roller bearing technology:

  • Advanced Bearing Materials:

Manufacturers are exploring new materials and alloy compositions to improve bearing strength, fatigue resistance, and high-temperature performance. Specialized coatings and surface treatments are applied to enhance corrosion resistance and reduce friction.

  • Optimized Design and Geometry:

Modern design techniques, such as computer-aided modeling and simulation, allow for the optimization of bearing geometry and internal structures. This results in improved load distribution, reduced stress concentrations, and enhanced overall performance.

  • Improved Cage Designs:

Cage designs have evolved to ensure better roller guidance, reduced friction, and minimized wear. Innovative cage materials and shapes enhance lubricant flow and promote efficient operation, especially at high speeds.

  • Enhanced Lubrication Systems:

Advancements in lubrication technology have led to the development of specialized lubricants and lubrication systems. These solutions offer better protection against wear, reduce friction, and ensure consistent lubrication even in challenging operating conditions.

  • Precision Manufacturing Techniques:

Modern manufacturing methods, such as precision grinding and superfinishing, allow for tighter tolerances and improved surface finishes. This contributes to smoother rolling contact, reduced vibration, and lower noise levels.

  • Integrated Sensors and Monitoring:

Advances in sensor technology enable the integration of condition monitoring systems within tapered roller bearings. These sensors provide real-time data on factors like temperature, vibration, and lubrication, allowing for predictive maintenance and performance optimization.

  • Customization and Application-Specific Solutions:

Manufacturers offer more customization options to cater to diverse industrial applications. This includes bearings optimized for specific operating conditions, load requirements, and environmental challenges.

  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0:

The integration of tapered roller bearing data into digital platforms aligns with the principles of Industry 4.0. Remote monitoring, predictive analytics, and digital twins are used to enhance maintenance strategies and maximize bearing lifespan.

  • Energy Efficiency Focus:

Advancements in tapered roller bearing technology align with global efforts to improve energy efficiency. Reduced friction, optimized designs, and efficient lubrication contribute to overall equipment energy savings.

  • Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Solutions:

Manufacturers are exploring sustainable materials and manufacturing processes to reduce the environmental impact of bearing production. Eco-friendly lubricants and packaging solutions are also gaining attention.

Overall, advancements in tapered roller bearing technology continue to drive innovation across industries, providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern machinery and contribute to improved performance, reliability, and sustainability.

cylindrical roller bearing

Can cylindrical roller bearings be used in both radial and axial load applications?

Yes, cylindrical roller bearings are capable of supporting both radial and axial loads. They are designed to handle primarily radial loads but can also withstand certain axial loads depending on the bearing’s configuration and design features. Let’s delve into the details:

  • Radial Load Capacity:

Cylindrical roller bearings are primarily designed to carry radial loads, which are perpendicular to the shaft’s axis. The cylindrical rollers distribute the load evenly along their length and transmit it to the raceways. The rings of the bearing, both the inner and outer rings, provide structural support and maintain the position of the rollers. The cylindrical shape of the rollers enables efficient load distribution, making cylindrical roller bearings suitable for applications with significant radial loads.

  • Axial Load Capacity:

While cylindrical roller bearings are primarily designed for radial loads, they can also accommodate certain axial loads depending on their specific design features. There are different types of cylindrical roller bearings that offer varying degrees of axial load capacity:

  • Single-row cylindrical roller bearings:

These bearings can accommodate limited axial loads in one direction. The axial load-carrying capacity is determined by the bearing’s internal design, including the shoulder and rib configurations on the inner and outer rings. Single-row cylindrical roller bearings with a full complement of rollers, where the cage is removed, can provide higher axial load capacity at the expense of reduced speed capability.

  • Double-row cylindrical roller bearings:

Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have increased axial load-carrying capacity compared to single-row bearings. They can support axial loads in both directions and are often used in applications where combined radial and axial loads are present. Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have additional features such as increased rib height, modified internal clearance, or a different cage design to enhance their axial load-carrying capability.

  • Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings:

Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings, such as four-row or six-row designs, offer even higher axial load capacity. These bearings are commonly used in heavy-duty applications where extremely high radial and axial loads need to be accommodated, such as rolling mills, crushers, or gearboxes.

It’s important to consider the specific load requirements of the application when selecting cylindrical roller bearings. Factors such as the magnitude and direction of the loads, the bearing’s speed capability, and any potential misalignment should be taken into account to ensure the bearing is properly sized and can handle the anticipated loads.

In summary, while cylindrical roller bearings are primarily designed to carry radial loads, they can also support certain axial loads depending on their design. Single-row, double-row, and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings offer varying degrees of axial load capacity, allowing them to be utilized in applications with combined radial and axial loads.

cylindrical roller bearing

Can you describe the load-carrying capacity and load ratings of cylindrical roller bearings?

Cylindrical roller bearings have specific load-carrying capacity and load rating characteristics that determine their performance under different operating conditions. Let’s delve into the details of load-carrying capacity and load ratings for cylindrical roller bearings:

  • Radial Load-Carrying Capacity:

Cylindrical roller bearings are primarily designed to handle radial loads, which are forces applied perpendicular to the shaft. They have a high radial load-carrying capacity due to the arrangement of cylindrical rollers and their large contact area with the raceways. The load is distributed evenly along the length of the rollers, allowing cylindrical roller bearings to support heavy machinery components and withstand substantial radial forces.

  • Axial Load-Carrying Capacity:

While cylindrical roller bearings are primarily intended for radial loads, they can also accommodate moderate axial loads, which are forces applied parallel to the shaft. The axial load-carrying capacity of cylindrical roller bearings is limited compared to their radial load capacity. Therefore, for applications with predominantly axial loads, other types of bearings, such as thrust bearings, should be considered.

  • Dynamic Load Rating:

The dynamic load rating is a key parameter that indicates the maximum load a bearing can withstand under specific operating conditions without suffering premature fatigue failure. It is defined as the constant radial load (or radial equivalent load) that a group of identical bearings can theoretically endure for a rating life of one million revolutions. The dynamic load rating is specified by the bearing manufacturer and is expressed in Newtons (N) or pounds-force (lbf).

  • Static Load Rating:

The static load rating of a cylindrical roller bearing represents the maximum radial load it can sustain without exhibiting excessive permanent deformation. Unlike the dynamic load rating, which considers the fatigue life of the bearing, the static load rating focuses on the bearing’s ability to withstand a static load for an extended period without experiencing plastic deformation or other permanent damage. Similar to the dynamic load rating, the static load rating is provided by the manufacturer and is expressed in Newtons (N) or pounds-force (lbf).

  • Load Rating Calculation:

The load ratings of cylindrical roller bearings are determined through standardized calculation methods defined by international standards organizations such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ABMA (American Bearing Manufacturers Association). These calculations take into account factors such as bearing dimensions, geometry, material properties, and operating conditions to establish the dynamic and static load ratings for a specific bearing model.

  • Application Considerations:

When selecting cylindrical roller bearings for a particular application, it is crucial to consider the expected load requirements, load orientation, and operating conditions. The calculated load ratings should be compared to the actual loads that the bearing will experience in the application to ensure that the chosen bearing can safely and reliably support the anticipated loads throughout its service life.

In conclusion, cylindrical roller bearings have a high radial load-carrying capacity and can accommodate moderate axial loads. The dynamic and static load ratings provided by the manufacturer serve as important parameters for assessing the bearing’s load-carrying capability and determining its suitability for specific applications.

China supplier CZPT Brand M6CT2262 Tandem Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 22*62*132 mm   deep groove ball bearingChina supplier CZPT Brand M6CT2262 Tandem Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings 22*62*132 mm   deep groove ball bearing
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