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China Manufacture CZPT Torrington Quality Automotive Areas Kits Steering Knuckle King Pin Rear Axle Thrust Ball Bearings OE NO.28TAG12A 28.3*fifty one.8*fifteen.8 mm for CZPT ST Truck

Bearing Specification

Specification for China Factory Price ManufactureThrust Ball Bearing

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Thrust ball bearing T28S-1 specifics

Bearing Description

Description of thrust ball bearing


Thrust ball bearing is composed of shaft ring, housing ring and cage with steel balls. All these 3 elements are separable for effortless assembly and maintenance.

      2. Classification

According to the load it bears, the thrust ball bearing could be categorised into unidirectional and bidirectional kinds. The thrust ball bearing could only face up to unidirectional or bidirectional axial load, but not radial load.Thrust ball bearing with spherical housing ring has aligning characteristic to reduce influence of bearing assembly deviation.

      3. Features

         a) Each unidirectional and bidirectional thrust ball bearings are for your selection in accordance to the actual application.

         b) For allowance of assembly deviation, bearings with spherical housing washer or housing ring are available, no subject it is unidirectional or bidirectional.

         c) Substantial grade bearing steel are used for the rings and balls. Stainless metal and ceramic thrust ball bearings are accessible.

      4. Application

*Crane hook
*Vertical water pump
*Vertical centrifugal equipment
*Lifting jack

Motives to Choose Us ?

Reasons to select CZPT Bearings as your thrust ball bearings partner

1. Bearing creating: CZPT has our personal bearing R&D staff and adopts Germany technological innovation. This allows us to supply OEM and ODM provider to you.
2. Creation approach: We strictly follow the 5S production method and obtained ISO9001:2008 quality administration program certification. Aside from, we released from abroad entire world CZPT brand names lathes and heat remedy tools, this enables us to supply substantial precision bearings with comparable high quality to planet CZPT brands these kinds of as SK F,TIMKEN,NSK,NTN,KOYO,NACHI and so on.
3. Supplies: To make certain the higher quality of bearings, we use substantial carbon chrome bearing steel which provides large rigidity, and high resistance to CZPT use to make the bearings. Reduced carbon chilly rolled metal and low carbon stainless metal is also utilized according to customers’ demands.
4. High quality inspection: All bearings will be strictly analyzed just before packing. We have CZPT talysurf, hardness meter,clearance detector,vibration(velocity) measuring instrument,roundness instrument to guarantee all bearings are certified with the specifications.
five. Lubricants: Ideal lubricants are utilised to protect the bearings from oxidation or corrosion of elements thus empower our bearings with more time life time, reduced sounds and far better substantial temperature overall performance. Selection of lubricants is generally governed by the bearing application. Proper choice of higher high quality lubricants could prevent steel to metallic get in touch with and conduct heat away from the bearings.
six. Packing: Guomai bearings shell out interest to each element in the bearing generation approach. We undertake plastic bag, Kraft paper, thick paper box and cartons to defend the bearings from unexpectable damage during the transportation and warehouse stock.
7. Factory immediate marketing and advertising: We are the factory and not the distributor or trading agent, so we could offer the very same quality with competitive price tag.

Remember to make contact with us right for a lot more detailed info.


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About ZheJiang CZPT Bearing

About CZPT Bearing

ZheJiang CZPT Bearing Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Guomai) was recognized in 1999, with much more than twenty many years of bearing analysis and manufacturing encounter. The manufacturing facility handles an area of 16000 square meters,7000 of which is production spot and the other is business office and warehouse. CZPT has large inventory for typically utilised bearing types and this enables us to deliver the bearing to consumers in the shortest time.

There are whole 160 staffs, 6 automatic bearing assembly strains,116 CNC devices and 22 sets of specific inspection devices. We not only have our possess R&D staff but also cooperate with ZheJiang College of Science and Engineering, HangZhou Bearing Analysis Institute to build new bearing designing and producing engineering.

In addition to traditional bearings, CZPT also offers OEM and ODM service to our respectable customers to satisfy their person demands.We launched advanced milling, turning equipment, warmth remedy tools and bearing testing machines to ensure the quality of the bearings simply because we know “Top quality is the daily life of Guomai” .Now our prime goods include taper roller bearing, angular make contact with ball bearing, deep groove bearing ,spherical bearing and cylindrical roller bearing with P5, P4 precision grade.

Soon after so numerous a long time of building, CZPT has created up an superb revenue community inside of China. Our 2 bearing brands “CVZ” and “Bentu” are nicely identified and have substantial popularity within the industrial products and components field. Additionally, with confidence of our bearing top quality, we commenced to export our bearings 4 several years back. Customers from Europe, North The usa, Center East, Southeast Asia and Africa have appreciated the joy our bearings introduced to them.

Guomai Bearing always upholds “Acquire-Earn” spirit and thinks in “Specifics decide achievement” philosophy, and keep bettering bearing top quality in the past 20 many years. Some sequence of our bearings have related quality with SK F, NSK, Timken, NACHI, KOYO, CZPT and other entire world CZPT brand names but with reduced price tag.

Searching to the foreseeable future, CZPT will insist on the engineering innovation and processing ranges to supply the most suitable bearing goods and services to our clients. Bearing world wide web web page description and designs may be minimal, you should contact us for much more data.

Guomai Showcased Bearings

Guomai Showcased Bearings

Packaging and Shipping

Guomai Bearing, Roll With each other with the World and You!!!
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Comprehending the Various Types of Bearings

When you are looking for a bearing, you have a lot of choices to choose from. This post will explain the different types, capabilities, and working concepts of distinct sorts of bearings. After you recognize the basic components, you can make an educated selection about which one to acquire. Here’s an overview of some of the most widespread varieties. Understand more about each kind beneath! Study on to understand about the distinctions among these various sorts of bearings! Posted in Articles


Bearings serve as an integral component of a mechanical system. These products help transfer torque from one part of a composition to yet another. These mechanisms increase the effectiveness of a shaft by growing its lifestyle. However, the capabilities of bearings depend on the application of the construction. Amongst other features, bearings provide assist to shafts. Anti-friction bearings come in two varieties: ball and roller bearings. These components have line and stage speak to, which is the most typical sort. Archimedes’s theory states that the force is equivalent to the fat of the fluid that is getting displaced. Bearings can transfer lateral masses to a substructure.
A bearing has two primary features. The first is to prevent direct steel-to-steel contact. A bearing prevents friction, warmth era, and put on and tear of parts. A bearing also minimizes power usage. Its other purpose is to guidebook and assist a rotating entire body. In addition to these functions, bearings can also minimize wear and tear on a machine. As a outcome, they are amongst the most widely utilised devices in the globe.
Seals are a significant component of a bearing. They stop international resources from moving into and lubricating the moving elements. The style of seal lips decides their performance. Gas financial system regulations and CO2 emissions regulations are pushing the demand for minimal-friction bearings. Nevertheless, higher-functionality seals do not always offer high-performance. As a end result, current estimations of the friction in bearings count on trial and mistake approaches.
Another critical operate of bearings is that they transfer the load of a rotating ingredient to its housing. This load can be axial or radial. Bearings also restrict movement to predefined directions. Some varieties of rolling element bearings have balls or cylinders inside. These bearings are less frictional than sliding types, thus they let elements to go freely throughout rotation. These elements can then be utilised for a variety of programs. So, bearings are an integral portion of machines.


The most typical kind of bearing is a plain bearing. It uses surfaces in rubbing make contact with to transmit movement from one particular component to an additional. These bearings may possibly be discrete or may possibly consist of a hole in a metal sleeve or a planar area bearing yet another part. Some plain bearings are flanged, while other individuals are made of a sleeve with a flange at one end. These bearings often give suitable accuracy and existence, but they are high-priced and cannot be employed in huge scale apps.
Radial bearings are employed when there is a require for large-pace or corrosive components. This variety of bearing also serves as a help in an intermediate circumstance. Its two elements are known as the foundation and the go over. The foundation and protect are related and are organized parallel to the principal axis. This type of bearing is employed in constant-state and axial movement purposes. The radial bearings are also employed when the shafts are lengthy.
Angular make contact with bearings are one more type of bearing. These are straightforward to set up and demand small upkeep. Their races are displaced alongside the axis. They are also much better at handling axial hundreds and transferring them to the housing. These sorts of bearings are commonly utilized in pumps, automobiles, and large-speed apps. If you are looking for an reasonably priced, reputable bearing, seem no more than the angular make contact with bearing.
One more type of bearing is a self-lubricating bushing. These are light-weight and dress in-resistant. As opposed to the other kinds of bearing, they do not call for any lubrication or routine maintenance. In simple fact, some are totally servicing-cost-free. But if you might be nervous about servicing, this variety of bearing might be a good option. There are numerous positive aspects of employing self-lubricating bushings. It is also a good alternative for applications in which your device is uncovered to severe temperatures.

Functioning basic principle

A bearing has two principal capabilities: assist and load transfer. In engineering purposes, the bearing tends to thrust the load in the course of the shaft. A radial load pushes the bearing downward and a thrust load pushes it sideways. The two varieties of load transfer are crucial in a selection of purposes. The working theory of each and every sort is explained underneath. Listed under are the major utilizes for every single kind of bearing.
A simple bearing uses a PTFE liner on the interface of two transferring elements. The PTFE liner functions as a lubricant and may be filtered to alter its friction. The journal bearing utilizes the motion of the journal to power fluid into the hole amongst two transferring areas. This benefits in a modest amount of perform in the bearing. This engage in is acceptable for most purposes. A ball bearing may have a highest engage in of 2 mm for a ten-millimeter shaft.
The primary operate of a bearing is to support in rotation and to decrease mechanical friction amongst the two objects. A bearing may be set up as a individual unit or as an integral portion of a equipment. For more sophisticated applications, bearings are extremely exact elements necessitating the optimum expectations of technology. For this purpose, it is important to comprehend the doing work principle of bearings. The subsequent time you require to elevate or slide a weighty item, think about a bearing.
Ball bearings are a common kind of ball bearing and can be located in industrial machinery and automobiles. Their exclusive framework aids them assist considerably less bodyweight. This is because they are comprised of two rings – an inner race and an outer race. The balls them selves have a small spot of speak to and transfer axial masses in a single path. A cage surrounds the balls and prevents them from colliding. This makes ball bearings a common selection for a lot of purposes.

Sealing system

A bearing’s seals are crucial for the operation of rolling and rotating factors. These programs permit rotation and linear motion while restricting friction and dispersing tension. Without the suitable seals, these elements could experience catastrophic failure. In addition to safeguarding the bearing from exterior forces, seals aid keep lubricant inside the system and stop hazardous particles from getting into the hole. A seal’s lubrication aids prevent the onset of mechanical injury and prolongs the existence of the bearing.
A bearing seal is created up of two parts: the inner sealing component and the outer sealing factor. A passageway operates through the bearing assembly to the outer seal element. A hydraulic press or pneumatic jack is advisable for installing the seal. These equipment are effective in lowering deformation and improving seal installation high quality. When fitting the seal, ensure that the device does not strike the seal right. A appropriate adopter will distribute the load uniformly across the seal.
The seal’s performance is dependent on its gap. A four-inch shaft seal can flow .5 normal cubic toes per minute. A seal’s efficiency is highly dependent on the gap measurement. The hole size is a cube of the stream by way of the system. A smaller sized gap dimensions enables higher flow and stress but less leakage. If equally surfaces of the seal have related pressures and flow prices, the seal is efficient. Nevertheless, a modest hole reduces the pressures and decreases use.
Mechanical seals have quite a few advantages, such as their capacity to defend towards contaminants and splashing liquids. Labyrinth seals are the initial line of defense from leaks. They operate with out friction. Their higher stage of sealing effectiveness will help make certain that the bearing continues to be operational for extended. This sort of seal is made from steel plates and is developed for a broad temperature selection and misalignment. Its positive aspects consist of becoming straightforward to set up and providing one hundred% sealing performance.


Bearing servicing is critical to ensuring that your bearings preserve functioning at their peak overall performance. Proper upkeep will increase bearing lifestyle, reduce downtime and improve productivity even though reducing expenses. Below is an 8-position checklist to improve your bearings and make them very last longer. To improve their overall performance, you must adhere to these steps regularly. In case a bearing does not previous long, you must substitute it as shortly as possible. Detailed underneath are some suggestions to make certain proper maintenance.
The first step is to decide how typically your bearings need lubrication. Some producers advocate that you lubricate them weekly, but this can do far more damage than excellent. Instead, use ultrasound to evaluate the stage of friction and trend its stages. This way, you will know specifically when to grease your bearings. It truly is also critical to check how often they should be inspected and calibrated. A expert can supply advice on appropriate upkeep.
Following, inspect your bearings for cracks and scratches. You need to never set up a bearing that has been dropped or scratched. Even a little crack will impact the functionality of the bearing and could direct to its premature failure. A proper alignment is vital for the bearing to function appropriately. Make certain you have the correct equipment to execute this task. These resources can assist you minimize guide work and advertise safe bearing servicing. You ought to also guarantee that the shaft and housing are clean and undamaged.
Appropriate routine maintenance can prolong bearing service existence. Correct lubrication, mounting, inspection, simple condition monitoring, and dismounting can lengthen their existence. Proper routine maintenance extends their lifespan and improves plant productivity. Although bearings are crucial for machinery, you must make positive you adhere to the suitable security procedures each time you operate with them. These suggestions will also aid avoid mishaps and preserve your machine’s efficiency. When you’ve followed these tips, you can properly inspect your bearings and ensure that they are working at their ideal ability.

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